Grove City ranked best place to live in Ohio

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CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison website headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., recently conducted a study of the best cities in Ohio.

Grove City ranked first, based on such factors as commute time, median income, residents who attended some college, restaurants per capita and the odds of being a victim of violent crime, based on data in the US Census Bureau and uniform crime reports from the FBI.

Since Grove City was first settled around the turn of the 18th century, the town has undergone many transformations, according to the study.

First a small farming community, then a bustling railroad depot and later an entertainment hotspot in the roaring 20s, Grove City today...

Programming languages in economics: Cool research, bro, but what about, er …

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Maximizing your infrastructure through virtualization

Worstall on Wednesday Ignoring the central insight and purpose of economics seems odd in an economics paper.

You peeps here at El Reg are most unlikely to be regular readers of papers published by US body NBER, the National Bureau for Economic Research. So Ive brought you one we can all puzzle over together (PDF here), A Comparison of Programming Languages in Economics.

Try It, You’ll Like It, Or: Economics for Beginners

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Do you like convenience, service, simplicity, competition, more jobs and all the other features of a free market that stays free and ever productive?

Then youll love a service like Uber or Lyft, which use private drivers to give customers a, yes, lyft. No waiting forever, just door-to-door or even corner-to-corner service. Provided by friendly folks who use their own cars and stand to collect the lions share of the fares, the worker being worthy of his hire. Who wouldnt like it? Its good for the customer, good for the driver, and good for the local economy.

Heres who wouldnt like it: the kind of vested interests, like cab companies, who long ago formed a cozy...

Shirley BOS appoints interim treasurer, wiring inspector

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SHIRLEY — Selectmen at their previous meeting accepted the resignation of Treasurer Kevin Johnston and agreed to post the position internally as a temporary job before advertising for a permanent replacement.

Johnston has accepted a position working for the Town of Ayer and will leave July 28, concluding a 20-year tenure in Shirley.

Ayers gain is our loss, Selectman Kendra Dumont said last week.

Monday night, Chairman David Swain echoed the comment as the board presented Johnston with an official certificate of appreciation from the town.

Kevin and I go back a long time, Swain said. Hes done an outstanding job.

Dumont added that...

Getting Serious about Teaching Economics to Boost Developing Countries, Not …

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Pakistan Students Organization working on economic development in the Village of Mominabad at Brown University. (Photo: Hashoo Foundation / Flickr)Calls for a new university economics curriculum in the wake of the financial crisis have been on the rise, increasingly making the case for an economics that is broader and more encompassing than the narrow free-market orthodoxy that pervades the discipline today in most university economics departments. There are calls for a more interdisciplinary approach that addresses real world economies, to factor in environmental aspects, to focus on how to lessen inequality and to prevent the financial system from creating instability. But any overhaul of the curriculum...

Microsoft Job Cuts Reflect Economics of Cloud

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Microsoft Corp.s massive job cuts reflect the need to adjust to an inherently more competitive technology market, in which cloud and mobility are pressuring older business models.

The 18,000 job cuts the largest in the companys 39-year history are mostly at cutting overlap and waste from the recently acquired Nokia handset business, but there are plenty of positions being eliminated from engineering, too. As a result, the company is overhauling its business process and culture, adopting principles known as agile development.

Pensions fund starts issuing education loans to members

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LOCAL Authority Pensions Fund (LAPF) has from on Tuesday introduced education loan for both its statutory and voluntary members.

The new loan system will benefit members who have been contributing to the fund for the period of not less than 24 months, LAPF Benefit Officer, Mr Baltazari Mugori told the ‘Daily News’ at the ongoing 38th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).

He noted that the loan was to be recovered upon completion of studies at a simple rate of between seven and ten per cent. “For members who will get admission at any local college, upon receiving joining instruction and invoice from the respective institution the fund will pay directly...

Helb loans for middle-level college students

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The Higher Education Loans Board has so far used more than Sh45 billion to finance students pursuing higher education.

So far 413,000 students have benefited from the funding.

Board CEO Charles Ringera says the board is now engaging in in-depth reforms to enable it perform its mandate more effectively and help more Kenyans access higher education.

“Key among the reforms is our new approach to finance students at technical training institutions as a key government development agenda,” Ringera said.

He said the government has been increasing funding to technical colleges over the last three years.

Ringera said the government committed Sh100 million...

Find The Best Credit Card For Your Lifestyle

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Searching for a new credit card can be a daunting task. Should you get a rewards point card? Or maybe a cash back credit card? Maybe eschewing all the other benefits for a lower interest rate is your best option?

Not only do you have to decide what’s most important in terms of benefits, you also have to sort through hundreds of different cards and banks, many of them offering similar terms. With so many options available, finding the right card for you can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to narrow down you list, these four tips can help you find the right credit card for you.

1. Compare Your Options Efficiently

You have hundreds, maybe thousands, of options...

Draper Ranked Number Four

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Draper City was recently ranked number four in a study that named the 10 most livable cities in Utah. The study, done by CreditDonkey, analyzed data on violent crime, commute times, income, education and restaurants per capita to locate places that blend small-town charm with big-city employment and entertainment options. The aim of the study was to help newcomers pick the perfect place to plant roots. The study found that the odds of being a victim of a violent crime in Draper are one in 1014, that there is one restaurant per 668 inhabitants, and the average income is $89,848.

Only South Jordan topped Draper on average income for cities in the survey, with an average of $91,548 for its residents,...