The Morning Wire: Spa City Ranks As Happiest In The State; Adelphi Hotel Adds …

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Happy? Of course you are, or at least you possess a significantly sunnier disposition than your northern neighbors in Glens Falls, your Albany neighbors to the south, and just about every other city resident in New York State, according to the credit card comparison and financial education website, Credit Donkey.

So, take that Rome, NY whose residents rate as second-happiest on the list using The Donkeys ranking system of restaurants, crime rate, commute, income, housing and divorce rate. (And were thinking the rankings were made prior to the publicity generated by Saratoga Springs own Divorce Hotel). If you cant make it as the smartest city, happiness is not too distant a consolation...

Rome 2nd happiest city in NY, says study

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The latest study of cities in New York State by credit card comparison website — a ranking of the happiest — puts Rome second behind only Saratoga Springs.

KeyCorp Declares Quarterly Common Share Cash Dividend Of Six And One Half …

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KeyCorp Declares Quarterly Common Share Cash Dividend Of Six And One Half Cents

November 14, 2014: 12:22 PM ET

CLEVELAND, Nov. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) announced today that its Board of Directors declared the following dividends for the fourth quarter of 2014:

  • A cash dividend of $0.065 per share on the corporation’s outstanding common shares. The dividend is payable on December 15, 2014 to holders of record of such common shares as of the close of business on December 2, 2014

Navient Corp: A Good Spin-Off Play In The Student Loan Space

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Navient Corp (NASDAQ:NAVI) is a student loan provider and servicer. The company is engaged in loan management, servicing, and asset recovery. NAVI holds Sallie Maes legacy private and student loans business which gives the company the largest portfolio of student loans guaranteed by the Federal government under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (or FFELP). In addition to the government guaranteed loans, the firm also has an extensive portfolio of private education loans.

Navients portfolio of student loans is substantially funded by long-term securitization debt with roughly 85% of the FFELP portfolio and 60% of the private education loan portfolio backed by such debt. (Private...

Credit cards that might make you scream

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Looking for a little credit trick or treat? Credit card comparison site CardHub evaluated 1,000 cards to come up with a ranking of scariest credit cards for consumers in a variety of categories. We used the sites credit card advisor to find the most attractive options.

With Halloween almost upon us, here are the credit card industrys worst (trick) and best (treat) cards for students, those looking for rewards, balance transfers, rebuilding credit and small business owners.


Rewards cards come in a variety of types, providing everything from free flights and hotel stays to cash back. The best cards provide far more in potential rewards than the cost of opening and maintaining...

Here’s how your credit card information gets stolen

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High-tech hackers and small-time thieves are targeting your credit cards. Here are typical ways your information is stolen, according to credit card comparison site

DATA BREACHES These computer crimes continue to grow and include large retailers and banks — from last years Target breach to recent electronic break-ins at Home Depot, Kmart, Dairy Queen and JPMorgan Chase. You often wont know if your account has been compromised, so check your printed and online statements often.

RBI to sell 100 billion rupees of cash management bills on November 10

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MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India will sell 100 billion rupees ($1.62 billion) of 42-day cash management bills or short-term loans on Nov. 10 via a multiple price auction, the central bank said on Friday.

Bond traders had earlier said such a sale was possible given the governments cash balance was low.

When renting a car should you buy insurance?

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Confused about how rental car insurance works? You’re not alone. Legions of travelers every day ask themselves, “Hmm, should I take the extra insurance? Or not?”

I’ve worked for car rental companies, been a travel agent and nowadays I rent cars regularly, so I hope I can shed some light on this topic and make some suggestions, too.

How it works: Most “collision damage waiver” or “loss damage waiver” isn’t really insurance, but it covers the cost of repair or replacement if you wreck the rental car. So, do you need it? Well, to paraphrase Dirty Harry, are you feeling lucky?

In general, your own auto policy will cover...

Union Government raised 10000 crore rupees through Cash Management Bills

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Cash Management Bills: Union Government raised 10000 crore rupees

Union Government on 10 November 2014 raised 10000 crore rupees from the market through cash management bills (CMBs).
On behalf of the government, RBI conducted the 42 day CMB auction and saved 1.75 percentage points on interest for the exchequer.

CMB is a rarely used instrument that was resorted to only when the exchequer faced a short-term liquidity mismatch.

Why government used CMB

Under the Ways and Means Advance (WMA) facility of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the government can borrow up to 20000 crore rupees till March 2015 to meet such short-term frictional cash shortfall at the repo...

US student debt burden falling more on top earners, easing bubble fears

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Young Americans with big college debts are often portrayed as struggling to pay their bills. The reality is somewhat different – those owing super-sized student loans tend to be higher paid.

A Reuters analysis of Federal Reserve data shows that over the past two decades the young with higher incomes have gone from owing less of the debt than the average household to owing considerably more.

US student loan balances have quadrupled since 2004 to $1.1 trillion (688.84 billion pounds), prompting credit rating agency Standard Poor’s and others to express fears the borrowing could crimp consumer spending, especially home buying, and eventually...